Spinach can be direct seeded in your garden just as early as you can till the soil.  Plant the seeds carefully about six inches apart, about 1/2″ deep.  Keep the soil moist but not soggy.  You may pick baby leaves when they are about the size of a soup spoon but only harvest one or two per plant to keep the plants growing nicely.  You may harvest the entire plant when it gets large enough for table use or to can.  I’ve had my spinach over-winter under the snow, high in the mountains of Montana!  It’s a very hardy crop.  To save seed, just allow a plant or two to mature.  It will bolt, send up a seed stalk and soon, dry seeds will form.  Carefully snip the stalks off and put the seed heads into a paper bag.  If completely dry, shake the bag and stalks around to release the seeds you can plant again next year.

SPINACH  about 100 seeds per pack

Bloomsdale Savoyed-Leaf Spinach

Bloomsdale Long Standing  I’ve grown this spinach nearly forever.  In fact, in the mountains of Montana, it lasted all summer, cutting it again and again.  Then it grew back, come spring!  It’s the old-fashioned, thick, savoyed leaf spinach that is slow to bolt and go to seed.  45 days or less