PEPPERS  about 20 seeds per pack  Note:  Peppers will often cross if more than one variety is grown. Save your seeds from completely mature (usually red, sometimes orange or other color) peppers.  Just pick and dry on a plastic plate.

Here’s a sample of the peppers we grow.

Anaheim Chile

Anaheim Chile  You’ll love this productive big chile pepper.  I grew tons when we lived in New Mexico and can even grow them here in Minnesota.  They are 8″ long and about 3″ wide, meaty and very tasty.  You can stuff them, dry them in ristas to hang in your kitchen or can them up.  Mmm  Mmm good!  Mildly hot for a chile too so you won’t blister your mouth.  About 70 days to green or 85 to red.



Cubanelle  THE perfect salad, pickling or frying Italian heirloom sweet pepper.  It’s thick, long and crunchy with wonderful pepper flavor!  Fry it in a bit of olive oil or roast on the grill.  60 days to yellow green, 80 to red.


Early Jalapeno

Early Jalapeno   We love our Jalapenos but especially love the Early Jalapenos as they are about 15 days earlier!  They are really productive, fat and hot too.  Dark green, ripening to red.  About 60 days to green and 75 to red.  (No they aren’t hotter when red, just prettier.)

Early Red Bell

Early Red Bell  Living in the North like we do, we always value tasty peppers that mature early.  Early Red Bell does just that.  These smaller plants are just loaded with thick-walled sweet peppers early in the season.  You’ll love them like we do!  48 days green; 60 days red

Fresno Hot

Fresno Hot  We were gifted some seeds from our California friends, John and Mia, which we planted in our hoop house this year.  Boy were they productive, even with our goofy, hot-then-cool summer.  These pretty, hot peppers will delight those of you who like some heat along with their flavor.  85 days to red


Hot Chinese

Hot Chinese  Will actually got these from China with no name but “hot pepper”.  They make a very tall, upright plant with thin, very hot 4″ long peppers pointing upwards like flames.  He was told if the plants were overwintered they would reach 6′ tall!  Ours only made four feet but, hey, this is northern Minnesota!  85 days to red, 65 days to green.  Limited seeds this year so only 10 seeds per pack.


Hungarian Wax

Hungarian Wax aka Hot Banana  This is Will’s favorite hot pepper for pickled pepper rings.  You can also slice and fry it if you like it hot.  Very productive and quite early for us.  About 67 days to yellowish green and 84 for red.

Jimmy Nardello

Jimmy Nardello  This is one of our new favorite tasting sweet frying peppers, originally from Italy.  The peppers are finger-long and relatively thin, with thin walls so they cook quickly when fried or grilled.  60 days to green or 80 to red


 King of the North

King of the North one of our favorite open pollinated sweet bells.  It’s large, thick walled, sweet and quite early and sturdy growing.  It ripens from green to red, being usable at all stages but sweeter when red.  68 days to green and about 80 to red



Lipstick  A great Italian frying pepper that we love in salads and for sweet pepper pickles.  No heat.  Very productive.  Sweet, mild taste with plenty of crunch raw.  53 days to green mature and about 73 to red.

Mt. Etna

Mt. Etna was bred by Glenn Drowns at Sand Hill Preservation Center and is a hugely productive smaller plant with Italian-type wedge shaped sweet peppers which turn bright red early in the season.  We just love it!  Limited supply 2018  10 seeds per pack

Numex Big Jim Chile

Numex Big Jim Chile  Yep, I grew these chiles in New Mexico, where we lived for seven years.  But guess what?  They did great right here in northern Minnesota!  This Chile is hot but not scorching, very large, up to 12″ long, and smooth skinned.  Quite productive.           77 days



Oda is a wonderful addition through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Everyone who visits our garden wow’s at this prolific bright lavender pepper!  It’s a thick-walled, sweet, early pepper with huge production.  Inside, it’s light yellow so it makes a stunning addition to salads!  (The wonderful color does disappear on cooking, however.)  Matures to a deep brick red.  70 days


Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes

Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes  Okay, I’ll admit this wonderful Hungarian pepper has a tough on the tongue name, being bred in Szentes, Hungary.  But this is a simply wonderful pepper!  It is not only a bright, shining yellow, tomato-shaped pepper but is super tasty, having thick walls and juicy texture.  Very sweet!  75 days