Slow-bolt Cilantro

Slow-bolt Cilantro is so useful in many recipes, especially Mexican and Italian dishes.  This easy-to-grow annual herb is not only fragrant and beautiful but when let go to seed, the seeds are also useful, known as coriander.  Truly a multi-use herb!  50 Seeds per pack



Chives  Our gardens would not be complete without several patches of chives.  Not only are the tender, hollow onion-like leaves so tasty when chopped on cottage or fresh cheese, but the blooms are pretty enough to be included in some of our flower beds!  Very hardy perennial 100 seeds per pack

Mammoth Long Island Dill

Dill   I use a lot of dill, both fresh and dehydrated.  Of course there are abundant dill pickles, come late summer.  But then there’s chopped dill ferns in fresh cheeses, on casseroles and many other recipes.  The tall, fern-like plants are even beautiful at the back of a flower bed!  Pollinators love the flowers too.  Annual  50 seeds per pack

Greek Oregano

Greek Oregano

Greek Oregano Abundant fragrant green leaves are one of my favorite seasonings in many recipes from pizza to meats.  The lavender flowers are also so pretty they belong in a flower bed!  While Greek oregano is a perennial in many warmer climates, I find while it will not over-winter in northern Minnesota, it does happily self-seed!  100 seeds per pack


Sage herb seeds


Sage  I can’t imagine a garden without this old heirloom.  Not only are the leaves so fragrant one can use them as an air freshener, they are very necessary in many recipes from poultry stuffing to sausages.  This is a very hardy plant and will even over-winter in some locations.  But we’ll call it an annual to cover all bases.  100 seeds per pack

Genovese Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil No kitchen garden would be complete without this savory herb.  The lush, abundant leaves are idea in all Italian recipes, salads and for pesto.  You can cut basil many times all summer, then let the plant go on to make seeds for next year.  Annual  100 seeds per pack.