While most folks plant their broccoli seeds indoors for an early start, about 4 weeks before setting into the garden after the last freezing date expected, I have had excellent fall broccoli by direct seeding into the garden.  Plant the seeds about 1/8″ deep, about four inches apart in rows or if you wish to start them indoors, plant two seeds 1/8″ deep in deep containers.  Plant the seeds about 1/8″ deep in good seed starting medium.  Then cover the container with a plastic bag to retain humidity and place in a warm location.  When the seedlings emerge, provide abundant light and grow on, pinching off the weakest seedling.   Then plant outdoors after the last freezing date.  In the garden, broccoli seedlings should be thinned to stand about 18″ apart so the plants have ample room to spread.  Broccoli will usually go to seed if the main head is left uncut.  First will be yellow flowers, followed by rapid head growth and seed branches forming.  Wait until the seed pods have dried then carefully cut the branches off and place in a paper bag.  Shatter the seed out by shaking and beating.  Dry the seed thoroughly and store in an airtight container.

BROCCOLI  about 30 seeds per pack


Goliath broccoli

Goliath  As far as all-season broccoli goes, this one can’t be beaten for an open pollinated variety.  It will give you about an eight inch in diameter center head and once cut, it will produce numerous side shoots until after it freezes.  66 days.



Umpquah  Here’s a tough, all season broccoli you’ll love. After you harvest the big central head, many side sprouts of good size continue to grow, just as long as you harvest them. The flavor can’t be beat! 70 days.


Waltham 29

Waltham 29  Mom used to grow this variety, then later when I got my own garden, so did I.  It is very dependable and has longer stems than many more modern varieties.  These stems are tender and tasty and I use lots to make cheddar cheese and broccoli soup.  The beads are medium to large and the main head is usually about 5 inches in diameter or so with tons of nice side shoots until freezing.  80 days