Peas are one of the easiest crops to grow and one of the first to produce in the garden.  Peas can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked up in the spring.  They also make a nice fall crop in many sections of the country.  Plant them about an inch deep in moist, tilled garden soil, about three inches apart.  I plant all my peas in double rows.  The taller ones, such as Tall Telephone, I grow on stock panel trellises, a row on each side.  The shorter ones are just planted in rows about six inches apart.  This gives you more harvest per foot of garden and lets the peas support each other.  (It keeps the shorter, bush-type varieties from flopping over in the wind when heavily loaded.)

Harvest sugar pod peas before the peas are fat in the pods, the shelling peas, after they have formed.  But don’t let them get too big or they’ll become tough.  Keep peas well picked and they’ll produce much longer.  When the weather looks to be heating up, let your peas mature so you can save their seed.  When the pods are tan and dry, you can pick them, shell out the pea seed and let it further dry on a cookie sheet.  When completely dry, store seed in an airtight container.


Alderman or Tall Telephone

Alderman or Tall Telephone  I’ve grown this wonderful heirloom pea for decades now and simply love it!  You need a tall trellis for this hugely productive pea; ours grew on 5′ welded stock panels.  But because it’s on a trellis, the peas are easy to see, pick and they don’t get blown down into the dirt in storms.  The pollinators love these white flowers too.  So pretty!  7 to 10 peas in each pod and boy are they sweet.  70 days  1 1/2 oz per pack

Green Arrow

Green Arrow  A popular English pea grown in the U.S. for generations.  High yielding 30 inch vines produce extra long pods that contain 8-11 sweet, juicy, tender peas.  Great for fresh eating, dehydrating and canning.  70 days 1 1/2 oz per pack


Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea

Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea We grow this climber on a trellis in our house garden each year so we have quick access to its wonderful, sweet pods to snack on and pick for stir fries and salads. Very productive!! They freeze well for winter use, too. 55 days. Pick before peas bulk up in pods. 1 1/2 oz per pack

Sugar Snap

Sugar Snap peas are so luscious it’s almost illegal!!  These tender, juicy snap peas can be eaten raw in salads or just in the garden.  I also put lots in my stir-frys and also lightly cook them with a wonderful honey glaze.  Wonderful!!  1 oz per pack  55 Days