BEET  About 200 seeds per pack

Beet Boro F1 Organic

Detroit Dark Red  Mom’s very favorite beet for canning.  And it’s ours, too, as it is so easy to grow and so nice dark red.  The greens are excellent when picked for salads or eaten with baby beets.  Early, they can be used from 45 days as baby greens/beets or let mature another few weeks. Detroit Dark Red is a sweet treasure whether eaten as baby beets or canned up to enjoy during the years to come. 55 days to full size


Beet Chioggia Guardsmark Organic

Chioggia  Here’s a gorgeous salad beet!  Concentric circles of white and pink,  Slice horizontally for a different presentation,  They are also great to steam or boil; very sweet.  60 days

All seed packages are only $2.50 each.